430 Stainless Steel Potato Masher

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430 Stainless Steel Potato Masher also can be used as vegetable masher, rice masher and fruit masher with broad and ergonomic horizontal handle. Fine-grid mashing plate for smooth mashed potatoes, vegetables and fruits.


  • Innovative Design – This potato smasher is simple in style but highly innovative in its design. Broad mashing plate and strong grip handle allows easy mashing of potatoes under gentle pressure without any extra effort
  • Extremely Easy for Use – Unlike traditional potato mashers which come with vertical grips, this innovative potato masher is highly convenient for use thanks to its broad horizontal grip which makes applying pressure absolutely effortless
  • Easy for Cleaning – Stainless steel mashing plate and solid rubber handle of the potato masher are extremely easy for cleaning under tap water or mildly hot water. Since it resists development of fungi from potato residues, long time use is guaranteed
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    • Brand: USE
    • Model: USE001
    • Material:430 Stainless steel
    • Weight: 132.5g

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